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Chicago Fresh Produce Delivery Service

Our goal is to deliver premium-quality fresh produce boxes to our customers’ homes. We work tirelessly, day-in and day-out, to meet our customers’ needs with consistency, quality, food safety, and customer service. Our produce boxes are more than fresh; it’s everything we do!

Freshest produce without worry!

Going to the grocery store has never been quite as stressful as it is right now. During this pandemic, food shopping is one of the only times many of us leave the house and see other people, which can cause anxiety. That’s why ordering from Knock Knock Produce is the smart choice!

Why Choose Us?

  1. We don’t break the Cold Chain Integrity. Our produce stays refrigerated from the farm to the fresh produce market. It never gets warm, so it never spoils.
  2. We give each produce box a personal touch by hand-picking each product individually.
  3. The day we hand-pick the produce, your product is delivered to your door.
  4. We use same-day delivery by messenger service to ensure quality and freshness.

What sets us apart?

We work with the biggest restaurant groups and talented chefs in the Chicago area. Because of our success with these clients, we can now provide the same quality fresh produce and service to our customers, directly from farm to your home.

Fresh Produce to Your Door in Chicago

Get premium-quality, 100% fresh produce boxes delivered to your doorstep in Chicago within 24 hours. Our focus is on food safety and quality to ensure your satisfaction.

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See our latest fresh produce offerings hand-picked daily by our specialists. We deliver our fresh produce straight to your doorstep in Chicago!

"This produce is seriously fresh! Can't beat it."

Tom L.Chicago Fresh Produce Customer

"We can't always make it to the store to pick up what we need, so to go right online and find the perfect fruit or veggie box with everything we needed was a huge life saver. We'll be ordering again, thank you."

Robyn L.Chicago Fresh Produce Customer

"Just received my produce box! Thanks!"

Denise K.Chicago Fresh Produce Customer

"Just got my fruit box. I gotta have my avocados! Thanks guys."

Sergio D.Chicago Fresh Produce Customer

Fresh, locally sourced produce
boxes packed and delivered to the Chicago area within 24 hours.

Trusted by the Best Restaurants & Chefs in Chicago