Food Safety Guidelines

At Knock Knock Produce, we embrace our responsibility to provide our customers with safe processes that guarantee you receive the highest quality produce.

Quality Assurance

We adhere to all fresh produce safety protocols at every step in our supply chain. We ensure as our products move through the supply chain, Cold Chain Integrity is maintained at all times.

Rigorous inspection protocols are used while transporting our produce from farm to you. In recent years, food safety has become a consumer focus; we assure you we are as focused on it as you are.

Safety Standards

We apply robust food safety guidelines, including a traceability program and a mock recall program. We rigorously adhere to all guidelines published by the Center for Disease Control, Food and Drug Administration, and United States Department of Agriculture. We have strict procedures in place to ensure we provide the freshest produce to our customers and the safest working environment for our employees.

Knock Knock Produce proudly maintains a food safety program that preserves the quality and safety of our produce to prevent contamination and illness. We document and manage our food safety standards by industry and government regulations to ensure safe, quality produce.